CANLEE the three chuck Laser Cutting Machine For Pipe

The cylindrical coherent line e holes of different directions and different diameters can be cut on the main pipe to meet the conditions of eccentric and non-eccentric vertical intersection between the branch pipe and the main pipe axis. The end of the cylindrical coherent line can be cut at the end of the branch pipe to meet the conditions of the vertical intersection and oblique intersection of the branch pipe axis and the main pipe axis. The end face of the section can be cut at the end of the round pipe. The end cutting of the coherent line of the branch pipe that intersects with the annular main pipe can be realized. It can realize variable angle bevel face, square hole and Capsule hole cutting.

Products Details

The gantry structure is adopted, and the bilateral drive is matched with the rack and pinion, which has the characteristics of good stability, rigidity and high speed.

The gantry structure guarantees the high-speed positioning, fast dynamic response and good stability of the equipment.

Cutting scope




Customized machine

Cutting diameter



Cutting length



XY Axis

Positioning Accuracy(mm)



Reposition Accuracy(mm)



Laser Power(W)


Container size demand:11.95mx2.34mx2.69m.

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We accept the FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW and LC payment item, when you are willing to buy the machine, It’s our pleasure to offer the best service to you. Warranty period: The quality guarantee period is 2 years after the equipment is accepted by the buyer on-site (optical lenses, cutting nozzles, etc. are consumables that are not within the guarantee period). Our company has established a complete after-sales service system. Once the products are delivered to the user, our company will immediately establish the user's after-sales service file, and regularly track the user's product use status. Understand the status of the machine tool, solve and answer the user's problems, for the user's equipment failure information, our company can answer the problem within 2 hours after receiving the notice If the phone or fax still can't solve the problem, our company's technical staff can arrive at the scene in time to solve the problem within 24 hours.

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